Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Scribble Doodles - Crazy Creatures (Autumn Publishing)

How often has your child complained that they "just can't draw" something? Charlotte is going through a phase of drawing Princesses (and their pets) and her drawing skills are getting better all the time. We recently told you the tale of woe of what happened to our fantastic copy of the Usborne Book of Drawing, Doodling and Colouring but this was also in Charlotte's christmas stocking and is along similar lines (though it's not quite as 'polished' or well presented).

Scribble Doodles - Crazy Creatures gives children lots of imaginative and inspirational pages to work through, with various exercises from simple 'fill in the blank space with something groovy' type stuff, to more complicated (and really quite tricky) drawing exercises that will test and tax their ability (for instance, looking at a picture of a bird then trying to draw it with your eyes closed!)

The book's illustrations are monochrome (leaving kids plenty of scope to add their own splashes of colour) and it's currently being sold at a knock-down price at Frosts Garden Centres (Millets Farm is where we got our copy). So it's well worth picking up if you spot its rather eye-catching orange cover.

Charlotte's best bit: Drawing a leopard in a sea of spots

Daddy's favourite bit: Some tricky drawing exercises that reminded me of some of the blind drawing stuff at art college.

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