Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Spotlight on Lucid Hawaii's great range of marine and wildlife books

As I type with my fingers practically falling off with the cold (our heating is broken again! Gah!) I can only imagine what it's like to don a wetsuit and dip into the beautiful warm and teeming waters of a Hawaiian reef.

Thankfully we were given the opportunity to live vicariously through the world of great books thanks to Monika Mira and her range of wildlife and marine books, published by Lucid Hawaii Inc. Good non-fiction books seem to be something of a lost art, so it was an enjoyable experience dipping into several of Monika's titles, ranging from the Hawaiian Reef Fish Colouring book (an award-winning best seller, letting children colour in a range of tropical fish and underwater scenery from the blue waters around the Hawaiian Islands) to more topic-specific books like Hawaii's Green Sea Turtles and Fun Fish Facts for Kids.

If your children or class are looking at marine life, check out the Lucid Hawaii website for a stack of brilliant resources and fishy facts to trigger activities and discussion about the diverse wildlife living under the sea.

(our thanks to Monika for letting us look at e-versions of some of her great books)