Friday, 22 February 2013

Booktrust, The Duchess of Cornwall and James Patterson behind new "Get Dads Reading" campaign

How cool and rewarding is reading to your child? We know! Want to know more?

The Booktrust is spearheading a campaign to encourage more dads to read to their children. With the aid of "The Dad's Army", an A-List of celebrities, authors and high profile dads, they're encouraging dads to become more involved and to find out for themselves just how rewarding reading to their children can be. 

Obviously this is a delicious idea and a good fit for the #readitMD2013 (Read It Mummies and Daddies 2013) campaign we started way back in January. We initially thought it would be a good idea to focus on dads, but widened the campaign to include mums who also miss out on reading to their children. Though the numbers show that just 26% of dads are the "main readers" to their children at home, with all sorts of reasons given for why they don't read more often to their kids, mums too need the same support and encouragement for the same reasons, particularly in households where they are the main or indeed the only breadwinner. 

We're right behind the Booktrust campaign every step of the way! Join the Dad's (And mums) army who already know how great reading to your children is.

There's an awesome post from a reading daddy here that is definitely worth a read through. We are out there, we really are.