Monday, 25 February 2013

Spotlight on the 'Pip' range of books by Karen Bendy (Hodder Children's Books)

Sharing a love of all things feline, we were excited to be given the chance to look at Karen Bendy's new 'My Cat Pip' book range, featuring the loveable and iconic black cat and a whole host of friends. In a range of books from Hodder, you can now join Pip in lots of fun and activities.

Let's take a closer look at the range below:

"Pip, Pip, Hooray" is a great little lift-the-flap book with a whole host of things to discover and do with over 50 flaps for young children to open. Lots of counting games and fun scenes with the trademark bold graphical style of the pip books meaning this is suitable for a good age range from 3 upwards.

Even now she's older, Charlotte still loves 'lift the flap' books as much as she always has, and this book scores points for lots of easy opening flaps and great variety throughout.

"Showtime Pip" lets kids go sticker mad with huge pages full of fun and giggles, with Pip and friends playing dress up in lots of different scenes ranging from under the sea to out into the far reaches of space. Great to see books featuring easy-to-separate sticker sheets that don't completely ruin the book (and it's far easier for children to work their way through a sticker book if they don't have to keep turning back and forth while they hunt out the right stickers for the right page). There's another sticker book in the range called "Purrfect Pip" (not pictured) with even more scenes and stickers to discover (and a few spares so that kids can decorate whatever they like with a bit of 'Pip' style!)

Last but not least there's "Where are you, Pip?" - along the same lines as the "Where's Wally?" books, children can use all their powers of observation to spot Pip and all the things (he / she) needs for a brilliant day out.

Again, lots of variety here and some truly brain-bendingly tough hidden objects make this a great fun book with broad appeal.

The books are good for boys and girls as pip is non-gender specific (unlike a certain other Kitty we could mention). As well as books, you can pick up all sorts of brilliant Pip merchandise from plushies to aprons - even a Pip umbrella.

Bold designs, tons of detail and immediately eye-catching, I think Pip definitely won Charlotte over and we've spent a merry weekend up to our eyeballs in sticker sheets.

Find out more on Pip's very own website at

(Kindly sent to us for review by Hodder Children's Books)