Monday 25 February 2013

Star Paws "Super Heroes" and "Party Time" Sticker Books (Macmillan Children's Books)

Have you ever wondered what a cute little bunny would look like soaring through the air in a cape? Or what an adorable little Dachshund looks like toffed up to the nines for a hot date? Well wonder no more, thanks to the Macmillan 'Star Paws' range of sticker books, with lots of different themes to suit all tastes.

We took a look at the 'Superheroes' and the 'Party Time' books, with an absolute ton of stickers to slap over some beautifully (and rather amusingly) photographed animals as they strut their funky stuff or save us from impending doom.

Hats off to the book designers for giving the sticker sheets perforations so they could easily be removed from the book to stick down easily, and also for making it clear which stickers go where (though if you're like us you probably won't mind cheating a bit and using different ones than recommended!)

The names in the book for the animals made us giggle (Elton Pong playing a mean piggy piano in the animal band was a particular favourite as was Jessie Hay and Cheryl Mole). Charlotte adored any of the scenes featuring either cute fluffy bunnies or guinea pigs so lots of cooing and 'ahhhing' ensued.

Charlotte's best bit: The Party Time book, lots of very fashionable threads for the animals. Cool!

Daddy's favourite bit: Brilliantly designed, easy to peel (and separate) sticker sheets and lots of brilliant funny animal names to keep kids giggling

(Kindly sent to us for review by Macmillan Children's Books)