Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I Got A Crocodile by Nicola Killen (Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

Here's a fun book that prompted lots of questions from Charlotte - mostly about the pros and cons of having a sibling, or something way way cooler.

The little girl in "I Got A Crocodile" longs for a brother or sister but instead she ends up with a scaly sharp-toothed beastie!

As you'd imagine, life at home with a crocodile in tow isn't easy. The friendly and well-meaning croc just can't help getting into mischief, making a dreadful mess at mealtimes - and have you ever tried curling up in bed with something that has more teeth than you have freckles?

When Croc ends up causing more trouble, the poor little girl is at her wit's end and decides the best cure for croc chaos is avoidance.

Naturally, both girl and crocodile begin to get a bit lonely - and it takes time apart from each other to make each realise just how much friendship, fun and laughter they're missing out on.

Nicola's touching story is perfectly pitched for children who may have a new addition to the family (new babies actually would scare me more than a crocodile, I think) with a lovely moral message and lots of lizardy fun. A delightful illustrative style (I love Croc's benday dot scales!) and a nice bedtime read, get yourself a crocodile - you've no idea how much fun you're missing out on without one!

Charlotte's best bit: Crocodile dressing up as a dragon for 'Dragon and Princess' games

Daddy's favourite bit: I loved the croc, such a great character - simple but hugely effective in delivering the message of how kids cope when a new sibling arrives

(Kindly sent to us for review by Simon and Schuster)