Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Looking for a sugar-free easter pressie for comic-hungry kids? How about the Phoenix Comic Gift Box!

Astonishingly, we still have Christmas chocolate hanging around the house, and the thought of another Easter spent surreptitiously hiding Charlotte's crazy huge collection of chocolate confectionery around the house so she doesn't scoff the lot sends choccy chills down our spines. Sure,  it's still a while off yet, but shops have been stocking Easter Eggs since boxing day. Eeek!

If only there was something fantastic she could get as an Easter present that A) wouldn't give her a set of gnashers like gnarled tombstones and B) would mean our waistlines wouldn't expand from absolutely having to force ourselves to scoff her easter treats, purely for the greater good (the greater good).

Never fear, The Phoenix Comic is here with the best present idea ever - An easter gift box for £14.99 that contains...

  • Five (yes Five!) issues of the fabulous Phoenix Comic
  • Badges!
  • Sticker Sheets
  • A mini comic
  • A chocolate Gary Northfield*
(* - Actually we made this bit up, but a chocolate Gary Northfield might last until next christmas - worth thinking about!)

Keep an eye out in Phoenix Stockists (like Waitrose) or better still - drop by the Phoenix Comic website  and p-p-p-pick up the perfect non-fattening, non sticky, non sugary Easter gift. Just don't eat it all at once!