Tuesday, 26 February 2013

#ReadItMD13 - Spotlight on "Once Upon A Slime", slugs need hugs too!

Coinciding with a weekend where we got out into the countryside to look at all the creatures that crawl through the undergrowth (we were actually looking for fairies but found a lot of snails and slugs instead) comes this great little self-published book from Fiona Woodhead.

Fiona's own "Read It, Daddy", her dad Howard, originally came up with the stories of a slimy slug and his pals. Fiona has taken those stories and turned them into "Once Upon a Slime", a story featuring Max (her son) and three slug buddies.

We took a look at the e-version over the weekend and it's brilliantly funny - and just the sort of self-published title we love to see, and a great fit for this week's #readitmd campaign theme of self published books.

Slitter, Slatter and Slutter (!) are surprisingly engaging characters considering they're, well, they're slugs though we think we'll never go as far as Max and fancy puckering up for a big sluggy kiss!

Fiona's excellent website is well worth diving into for more on the three slithery pals. You can also buy the print version of the book from the site:


We loved the blog too, particularly the Facebook gallery of sock slugs kids got together and made. Awesome!

Charlotte's best bit: Slatter licking his eyes clean. EWWW!

Daddy's favourite bit: Such a cool little book, loads of boy appeal (but also great for girls like Charlotte who love slimy creatures and bugs too!)