Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spotlight on The Secret Seed Society. Brilliant books, and tasty things to grow!

Who are the Secret Seed Society? A collective of fantastic folk who believe that children grow and learn when they learn how to grow tasty plants, fruit and vegetables! What a brilliant idea!

We were lucky enough to be sent one of their innovative storybook and seed packs, featuring a rather cheeky and fiery little chap by the name of Rio Rocket. In the story, we learn how Rio likes to get active with his favourite toy - a fantastic flying frisbee - and his favourite fruit and veg friends. Their game goes well until a cheeky Magpie intervenes, and makes off with Rio's Frisbee! EEK!

Rio rallies the gang, and soon they find that Frisbees aren't the only thing Magpies like to steal.

The pocket sized Seed and Story packs come with a choice of various story books (entertainingly written by David Thomas and Amy Cooper with ace illustrations by Valentina Cavalini and Kieran Jones) featuring the rather groovy fruit and veg characters, recipes to help you make the best use of the lovely grub you'll grow with your seeds, and great resources, activities and the Seed Agent club for children to join in with.

The presentation is superb - these would be absolutely brilliant as an addition to children's party bags, or just as a fantastic gift idea for kids who love getting grubby in the garden (when the better weather finally arrives soon hopefully!)

Take a look at The Secret Seed Society Website and sign up as a seed agent today!

Charlotte's best bit - She's absolutely champing at the bit to plant the seeds and see what happens (but we've got to wait till March to see Rio springing out of the ground!)

Daddy's favourite bit - A beautifully presented book, fantastic packaging designs, and a top class website. Perfect for your little would-be Titchmarshes or Dimmocks!

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