Friday, 1 February 2013

The Skeleton Pirate by David Lucas (Walker Books)

We like our pirates brave
We like our pirates bold
The Skeleton pirate is both, Hooray
But the skeleton pirate is old.

When a gang of coves get the better of him
despite his cry of "I'll never be beaten!"
to the bottom of the sea they send him
Avast! Aghast! He's eaten!

In the belly of a whale with a big long tale
The Skeleton Pirate dwells
With a beautiful mermaid with lovely long hair
amongst the detritus and smells

"We can't stay here!" the pirate bellows
"I'll never be beaten" he shouts
And with that, a grand plan to escape their grim fate
To talk to the whale, and get out

With mermaid sublime, and a bellowing voice
The pirate appeals to the whale
In a golden ship full of treasure they nip
through the whale's open maw, and set sail!

HOORAY for the skeleton pirate.
What a brilliant bouncy wee book
With a Pirate so bold, do you need to be told
To see for yourself, take a look!

Charlotte's best bit: The beautiful mermaid of course!
Daddy's favourite bit: David Lucas is fast becoming a firm favourite. What a brilliant seafaring tale!