Thursday 21 February 2013

What To Do If An Elephant Stands On Your Foot by Michelle Robinson and Peter H. Reynolds (Dial Books)

OK everybody stay calm, DON'T PANIC! Michelle Robinson and Peter H. Reynolds are here with some handy hints if you find yourself stuck in the jungle. First of all, don't panic! Second - do not, repeat, do NOT lose your copy of "What To Do If An Elephant Stands On Your Foot" otherwise things are only going to go from bad to worse (or verse!)

This brilliant book is part instruction manual, part story, and part laugh-a-minute as a young girl finds out just how dangerous the roaming plains of the savannah and the steamy leafy jungle can be. Elephants are just one of the dangers you might encounter. You might tick off a Tiger, create havoc with a crocodile or get snacked on by a snake. Thank goodness for books like this to ensure we steer clear of such dangerous places and sticky situations by following them to the letter. Or do we?

Loved this hugely funny and entertaining book with great 'preventative' measures described in jocular detail, and with fab animal characters generally looking like they'd either like to make dinner of or squish the poor little explorer lass.

Charlotte's best bit: Cuddling the rescue monkeys, awww!

Daddy's Favourite Bit: Brilliant humour, ace illustrations and a character who's completely oblivious to how close she comes to being food not a friend. Also loved the expression on the Tiger's face when he's sneezed on!