Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Betty and the Yeti by Ella Burfoot (Macmillan Children's Books)

Alright, no more grumpiness, here's a book that is an utter delight and again this was one of Charlotte's choices, so you have to take the rough with the smooth.

Betty, a brave little girl, ventures out into the snowy landscapes on an utterly perfect snow day. With sledge in tow, Betty soon begins to find very odd things nestling amongst the snowdrifts.

A big clumpy pair of boots...with bizarre animal track soles?

A big floppy flappy coat way too big for her?

A very odd looking pair of gloves?

What on EARTH is going on?

Luckily, plucky Betty soon gets to the bottom of the mystery and meets a tiny little character who reveals himself to be - THE YETI! Eeek! The scourge of the snowscapes, the meanest toughest most guy.

Betty and the Yeti soon find out that there's more to life than running around scaring people, and friendship is a wonderful thing.

We loved this book, for the imagery and the wonderful positive messages it conveys. We also secretly wished that the recent pathetic dusting of snow that was gone in a blink had stayed long enough for us to dress as Yetis and stomp around the neighbourhood!

Charlotte's best bit: The Yeti's big clompy boots. Stomp Stomp!

Daddy's favourite bit: Utterly love the message this book conveys, in such a crisp, clean and beautiful way. Bit like the first fall of proper snow. Lovely stuff Ella!

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