Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dog Loves Counting by Louise Yates (Jonathan Cape Ltd)

Ahhh Dog, one of our favourite Children's Book Characters, is back once again to delve into a subject that I personally shy away from. Numbers. But children love numbers as much as dog, so in Louise Yates' latest 'Dog' book, the inquisitive little fellah embarks on a journey of discovery, as a whole host of animal friends help him find out more about numbers and counting.

For Charlotte, the most enjoyable part of any Dog book is the character himself, with his beautifully drawn expressions and his sheer joy as he discovers how easy it is to get completely wrapped up in the world of counting.

"Why is Dog so happy, Daddy?" - Dog is happy because he's discovering something new.

People sometimes ask us why we blog about books, and there's your answer right there. Books help us discover new worlds, keep our brains popping, inspire us to ask questions and stimulate us to break outside the boundaries of the pages (just as Dog does) and go off and find out more about a subject.

At a time where we, as parents, are playing the fine tuned balancing act of bringing what is learned at school home, and vice versa, books like "Dog Loves Counting" gently educate without feeling like a school book, and encourage children through Dog's discoveries, that a little knowledge is a wonderful and solid foundation to build a lifetime of learning on.

Charlotte's best bit: The Dodo! Her favourite character (other than Dog himelf!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Louise Yates' gentle pencils and colours are simple yet beautiful, and her animal characters are wonderfully crafted. Dog's world really comes alive as you make your way through the book. We can't wait to track down and read "Dog Loves Books" as it's the only one we've missed so far!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Jonathan Cape Ltd)