Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Junior How To Draw - Baby Animals by Kate Thompson (Top That! Publishing)

Charlotte loves drawing, and she's usually constantly drawing beautiful Princesses in flowing gowns - so it was great to get this book from Top That to extend her drawing skills in a different direction.

The "Junior How To Draw" series covers a diverse range of topics with strong cross gender appeal, and this particular title "Baby Animals" is absolutely perfect when your kids are at that "Ahhhh" stage of loving all things furry, fluffy and feathery.

With simple to follow step-by-step instructions, you can learn how to draw kittens, baby Orang-Utans, Meerkats (simples!) and (of great interest to me at the moment) ponies!

We sat down and drew some of the animals together. Charlotte hasn't quite got the hang of using construction lines, rubbing them out before the drawing was complete - so she spent a lot of time skipping the stages and copying the finished articles.

I showed her how artists and illustrators often rough out their work before finalising it (yep, even Daddy!) and slowly she came round to the idea that you could work out a piece in stages just like in the book, and end up with something really cool.

A fantastic book to while away a few hours with, just ahead of the Easter Hols so perfect timing to pick up a couple in the range and give them a go. Don't forget your best pencils and colours!

Charlotte's best bit: Drawing baby rabbits and guinea pigs (her favourite baby animals at the moment)

Daddy's favourite bit: I can draw a pony at last! YAY!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Top That! Publishing)

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