Thursday, March 7, 2013

Let's Talk About Range (Big Beds and Bedtime / My New Baby) by Stella Gurney and Fiona Freund (Campbell Books)

As children progress through their Early Years reading, and their skills increase, they'll begin to tackle a huge range of different book types - including more factual stuff.

The "Let's Talk About" Range is a neat little series of books that tackle ordinary everyday subjects from a child's perspective.

In the two books we looked at, "Big Beds and Bedtime" and "My New Baby", two children 'tell' the reader what it's like to sleep in a big bed for the first time - or what it's like to have a new baby brother arriving on the scene.

Busy layouts almost mimic the thought processes of a child, and this adds to the appeal of the books - particularly for young readers who work through the books themselves enjoying both the fantastic photos and entertaining text.

Charlotte's best bit: The funny photos of babies and their moods at the end of "My New Baby"

Daddy's favourite bit: A really cool and contemporary look and feel makes these really appealing to early readers, or just to dip into for a quick bedtime read.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Campbell Books / Pan Macmillan)

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