Friday, 8 March 2013

Our Child's Play Competition - Winners announced!

Oh plums, the best laid plans of mice and men (and book bloggers) - Our competition could only have 5 winners, but we had six entries...! WHAT TO DO!

In the interest of fairness, there was only one thing to do. Rely on Mr Random, Skeleton Jack and a certain little girl to help out.

So to pick our five winners from the six people who entered (and you're all fantastic, thank you for taking the time to enter our first comp!) We wrote all the names on slips of paper, popped them in Skeleton Jack's head, gave them a good shake and..

Draw Number 1 coming up...!

Jack is primed and ready!
Give him a shake and pick a piece of paper out, Charlotte...!

Winner Number one is...(drum roll)

Michelle Robinson! Congrats!
Number two is proving elusive...

It's Carmen from the Rainbow Library! Congrats!

Come on Jack, give it up!! Give us Number 3

It's Anne-Marie (Child Led Chaos), Congratulations!

Number four came in quick succession, it's Binky from MeYouCoffee! Congratulations!
Last but by no means least, the tension is killing me...!

Another sticky one, come on number 5... 
And it's Helen with Jim's Story!
Phew! All that picking has tired Charlotte out, but once again very very many thanks for all the entries. I'll be passing on your email addresses / details to Child's Play and they'll get in touch to find out what book you'd like as a prize!

Late Announcement - We couldn't possibly leave Elli's brilliant entry out, so with Charlotte threatening to put her bottom lip out a mile, we're having 6 winners instead of 5 and pulling Elli out of that skellington head too. Congrats one and all, and thanks once again for sharing your storytelling tales with us!