Friday, March 8, 2013

Poppy Cat (Birthday Treasure / The Mystery Trail) by Laura Jones (Campbell Books)

When we first started borrowing books from our lovely local library for Charlotte, we used to love the Poppy Cat books. Usually in a durable (chewable, droolable-on-able) form, these paperback editions are still great - though a little bit more suited to younger readers than Charlotte.

Nevertheless, treating them as early readers, we were quite surprised to find she still had a lot of love for the charming moggy and all her antics and friends.

For babies, Poppy Cat is the best thing since sliced bread. A huge welcoming beaming smile, and lots of colours for them to begin focusing on as their eyesight gets better and better.

For Charlotte, it was the appeal of Poppy Cat having a huge amount of fun, with lots of laughter and colour in her life.

Great size too, perfect for sneaking into an overnight bag for visits to Grandma and Grandad.

Charlotte's best bit: Poppy Cat's drool-worthy birthday cake. Yum!

Daddy's favourite bit: Bold, colourful and fun.

(Kindly supplied to us by Campbell / Pan Macmillan for review)

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