Friday, March 1, 2013

#ReadItMD13 - The Little Sparrow Named Too by E Dantes (Playroom Books)

To polish off a hectic week in which our #readitmd13 focus was on self and independently published books, we got a chance to visit the world of a little sparrow named Too.

We've enjoyed his company on Twitter, and we've really enjoyed his first adventure. Too, a tiny but extremely naughty little feathered fellow wants to know why he can't fly south for the winter with all the other birds.

I'm Too! Who are you?

His lovely mum, patient and kind, tries to explain that sparrows just don't migrate - and Too's tiny little wings wouldn't be up to the journey.

Too thinks he knows better (parents: you know this feeling only too well, right?) and sets about constructing an amazing contraption - A pair of wings to help him fly higher, faster and longer than any other sparrow that has ever lived.

Gathering pigeon feathers, twigs and shoots to construct his wings, Too soon learns that making functional wings isn't as easy as you'd think - and sometimes mother knows best!

Listen to your mummy! She's ace!

It's a rather awesome modern retelling of the classic legend of Icarus, and with such an engaging central character (and brilliant artwork) it's definitely worthy of your time. We rather liked Too's punky mohawk and the fact that the story was set in and around London (lots of opportunities in the book to point out the sights).

The moral lesson isn't delivered with a heavy hammer blow, it's beautifully told.

Another smashing addition to your iBooks library for those of you who are blessed with an iPad to read them on. Go and seek it out, and introduce yourself to the world of Too. You'll be seeing a lot more from this cheeky little fellow really soon!

Charlotte's best bit: Getting rather excited about seeing the London Eye ("We've been on that, Daddy!") and she loved Too's super-glam mum.

Daddy's favourite bit: Awesome art, great retelling of a classic story, get Too it, Too-oo!!

(Our kind thanks to Playroom and Too for letting us take a look at their iBook)

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