Monday, 25 March 2013

Springboard Stories Issue 4 - "Space!"

Springboard Stories Issue 4 - "Space" - We are space nerds and we love this!

When you hear the wonderful folk behind Springboard Stories casually mentioning on twitter that their core aim is to make each issue just that teensy weensy little bit better than the last, you'd better believe them - Because it just so happens to be true and so far they're doing just that.

Springboard Stories Issue 4 - "Space" was an instant win for us, simply because we are a real family of Space Nerds. Grandad is the closest living thing in the family to being a rocket scientist (He worked for the European Space Agency and the SOHO Solar Project for a number of years). His influence definitely had an effect on my lovely wife and is also having an effect on Charlotte too.

Me, I've been a space nerd ever since I had my first telescope and watched science fiction become science fact as a kid.

So dipping into Springboard Stories Space Issue has been an absolute pleasure. As before you have a heady mix of brilliant information about school-friendly resources, an absolute plethora of gathered talent (including Joshua Siegal, who is coming up later this week on ReadItDaddy as a blog guest), and an accompanying story book - "Miss Wacky's Day Out" written by the extremely talented Peter Dixon and illustrated beautifully by the Walmesley brothers, Simon and James.

There's a rather beautiful set of pull-out posters for classrooms too. A superb astronaut mosaic by Cleo Mussi and a particular favourite subject of Charlotte's at the moment, the marvellous Mars Rover doing its thing all over the red planet.

If you've yet to subscribe to Springboard Stories, you can find out how to via the Springboard Stories website or just pop in to take a look at what to expect from the magazine and accompanying materials.

If you're a teacher looking for a rocket-boost to your lesson plans, or a parent who wants to find out more about a whole host of interesting activities and learning opportunities, Springboard Stories should be your number one cosmic destination du jour!