Friday, 1 March 2013

The Little Raindrop by Joanna Gray and Dubravka Kolanovic (Top That! Publishing)

It seems fitting that it's pouring with rain here at the moment because today is launch day for this lovely little book (and you can see our launch day interview with Joanna Gray just below this very post!). We were very fortunate to be sent a copy for review by Joanna herself and couldn't wait to find out all about The Little Raindrop as it's a book we've been keeping an eye on for quite some time.

Starting life in the clouds, the Little Raindrop races down to earth during a rainstorm, and we trace his journey from cloud to puddle, from puddle to stream, from stream to river and out to sea. Charlotte very quickly worked out that this engaging story was about the water cycle. Told in a such a delightful way that it has quite a broad range of appeal, younger children will appreciate the (pardon the pun) 'flow' of the lilting story and the journey Little Raindrop takes.

For older children (particularly Charlotte's age group) it becomes a book that triggers discussions and investigations - where does our water come from? What happens to the rain, and how does the cycle continue round and round?

For a first book it's impressive and addictive stuff (in a week when we've had a lot of books in our pile, it's been regularly demanded by Charlotte - always a good sign). Parents will love it as it's just the right length for a pre-bedtime book, and it's a nice easy read thanks to Joanna's writing style and ability to make a tale flow as easily as little raindrop's progress downstream.

Grab The Little Raindrop and snuggle down - no matter what the weather!

Charlotte's best bit: The Raindrop flowing through rivers and streams, she loved tracing his path with her finger and loved the bit where he flies through the rainbow and takes on the rainbow hues

Daddy's favourite bit: A great book for a range of ages and a stunning debut. Well done Joanna!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Joanna / Top That! Publishing)