Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Can Read With My Eyes Shut by Dr Seuss (HarperCollins Children's Books)

I have no idea how we've managed to steadfastly avoid reviewing any Dr Seuss books. These were staple fodder for me when I was a kid, and yet we have none at home - and only found this in the library because of Charlotte's sharp eye for a good book (we very rarely find the standard Seuss faves at the library like "The Cat in the Hat", "The Fox in Socks" and my personal favourite "Green Eggs and Ham").

This is a slightly more educational book than you'd probably be used to from Mr Geisel (AKA the good Doctor!) but nonetheless it retains its completely whacky, crazy and haphazard mix of fun and tongue-twisting rhymes to prove its point (no, not that you can read with your eyes shut but that anyone can read if they put their minds to it).

Charlotte was quite addicted to this book which makes me think it's definitely time to track down a few more of Seuss' masterworks. Suggestions other than the ones I've mentioned are extremely

Charlotte's best bit: Reading in 'Pickle Colour' too!

Daddy's favourite bit: It's virtually impossible to read a Dr Seuss book without bouncing in your seat. Such great rhythm and pace, no wonder they are timelessly appealing to kids.


Catherine said...

We like Green Eggs and Ham and the tongue twisting Fox on Socks. Not so keen on the Cat in the Hat. I read Horton hears a Who last week for the first time but didn't really like that one either, not sure how much the little lady understood but she said she liked it!

I never read Dr Seuss as a child and the artwork has kept me away but for a child who is as obsessed with rhyming words as mine is they are great books.

Anonymous said...

I never managed to get into these books when I was little, but my little boy loves them (and I do too). Every so often we get stuck on a bedtime book and he requests the same one every night. This happened with 'I wish that I had Duck feet'. A funny read about being happy in your own feet.


ReadItDaddy said...

Oh my, I'd completely forgotten about "I Wish That I Had Duck Feet" - I LOVED that when I was a kid! My prospective purchases of Dr Seuss books are looking worryingly numerous now. Thanks for stopping by Lucy and Catherine!