Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New Doctor Dog coming from the utterly awesome Babette Cole. Doctor Dog - Health and Fitness Unleashed!

"A Dose of Doctor Dog" book cover. Never go out without your sunblock!
Babette Cole's Doctor Dog books are amongst Charlotte's all time favourite books. We've often wondered whether we'd get to find out what happened next to the Gumboyles and their very talented medical pooch.

Wonder no more because, as it said on @babettecole's twitter feed this morning:

"just finished new dummy 4 Dr Dog Health&Fitness Unleashed It is very funny meet the Gumboyles hated neighbours The Ulcers.Scumball match 2!"

Good news? Great news!!! Charlotte is probably going to explode when she finds out. But she'll still be wondering about Mrs Doctor Dog... :)

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