Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Welly Walks by Hannah Ensor (Stickman Communications / Whizz Kidz)

The lovely Hannah Ensor got in touch with ReadItDaddy to tell us all about her fantastic children's books and has very kindly sent us one to take a look at.

"Welly Walks" is the simple but celebratory story of two young children who enjoy a day out, having fun splashing around in puddles and playing with water. We love a good welly walk ourselves, but Hannah's book aims to show that you can have fun whether you're in wellies or on wheels.

Hannah lives with HMS/EDS (being far too bendy and falling apart) and POTS (tap-dancing heart and appearing drunk without alcohol) and, as her fantastic website 'Stickman Communications' says, having a great set of wheels to get around on definitely helps!

She's a talented story teller, and Charlotte loved her stick-figure drawings, which are bold and colourful and help to relay the message that 'different' does not mean an end to enjoying life, nor is it a barrier to joining in, being included in the fun and getting soaking wet when there are watery hi-jinks to be had. 

We're hoping to hear more from Hannah about her fantastic books on the blog when we feature Diversity and Inclusivity in an upcoming #readitmd13 theme week. For now though, we are actually looking forward to the next rainstorm and our next welly walk. 

Charlotte's best bit: Wheelspinning water in a wheelchair while mum isn't looking. 

Daddy's favourite bit: Full of energy and eye-catching scenes, this is utterly fantastic and engaging stuff!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Hannah Ensor)