Thursday, 30 May 2013

Anorak Magazine Issue 28 is out. Time to sharpen your pencils and test your pens and get writing!

We Love Writing, writing is cool. Anorak Issue 28
Anorak Issue 28 dropped through our letterbox recently, and we've been busy delving into an issue devoted entirely to one of our favourite pursuits - Writing! Whether you choose to tap away at a typewriter, wrestle with a word processor or be poised to produce perfect prose with a pen, writing is part of our everyday lives and is vitally important to a child's early years development.

Inside Anorak you'll find some brilliant contributions from writers and artists such as Mike Hollingsworth, Joe Waldron, Anna Lindsten and Evgenia Barinova, tempting you to try out all sorts of writing exercises or just read some fabulously illustrated stories.

Of course, you also can't miss the brilliant Anorak standards and stories, and there are always lots of brilliant shopping ideas tucked away inside too. Best of all, you won't be hoovering up rubbishy plastic gimmicks, the magazine doesn't have them and doesn't need them - it's just fab and fantastic content that will engage your children's imaginations - perfect for the sort of weather we've been having lately when the kids are stuck for something to do.

You can find more details on the current issue, along with subscription details on the Anorak Website below:

Anorak Issue 28

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