Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Barry, the Fish with Fingers by Sue Hendra (Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

So we've finally tracked down one of the Sue Hendra books we've sorely missed. Barry, the Fish with Fingers, is a book we've heard lots of folk tweeting and talking about but never got round to reading and reviewing ourselves. Hooray for our local Library, who had a copy so we snaffled it up quicker than you can say "Tartare Sauce!"

We love Sue's books, and it's not hard to see why Barry, the Fish with Fingers, is so well loved. With the lovely breadcrumb-y cover you know you're in for a fishy treat inside.

Our tale starts with Puffy the Puffer Fish, star of the oceans, who is renowned far and wide for his utterly amazing bubble displays. Big bubbles, small bubbles, round bubbles and square bubbles are all part of Puffy's repertoire.

But soon, a newcomer on the scene threatens to burst Puffy's bubble. Meet Barry, the Fish with Fingers. The other fish have never seen anything like Barry. He can tickle (hee hee), he can give lovely massages, and he can wave. All those useful things that flippers just cannot do. Unfortunately, Barry is such a draw that the other fish soon forget all about Puffy and his antics, so he quietly mopes off for a good long sulk.

Soon though, Barry proves that he's not just a fish with fingers, he's also a hero! We'll leave you to find out what happens when Puffy needs Barry's help.

I shouldn't really say so, but this book made me crave fish finger sandwiches with tartare sauce all the way through. Funny, knockabout, and with Sue's trademark eye for brilliant characters and situations, it's an absolute winner.

If you enjoyed Barry's adventures, look out for his next book "Barry The Fish with Fingers and the Hairy Scary Monster" (which is another one we really need to add to our reading pile very soon indeed!)

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a rumbling tum and a date with Captain Birdseye!

Charlotte's best bit: The lovely sparkly breadcrumby cover

Daddy's favourite bit: Barry's awesome tickling abilities