Tuesday, 28 May 2013

In support of Save the Children - a post on how nutrition directly affects child literacy.

12 Year old Nguoth in class, Wechpuot Primary School, Jonglei State, East Sudan 
Save the Children is an international charity behind a campaign to end hunger in our generation. In a few weeks time, world leaders will meet in the UK to make decisions that could have a direct impact on child poverty worldwide.

The Big IF is the name of the campaign, the aim is to stop over 200 childen PER HOUR dying in conditions of poverty and malnutrition.

Please visit the campaign's main page here and please take a moment to sign the petition on the page too.

Britmums are hosting a Food for Thought Twitter party between 1-2 PM today if you'd like to join in the discussion. Here's a direct link to the details:

Britmums Twitter Party

Last but by no means least, here's a very thought provoking infographic that illustrates what the campaign is about. Particularly poignant is the section on how malnourished children are 20% less able to read, simply for want of a square meal a day. Please support this campaign. If we get behind it, it truly could make a heck of a difference to children like Nguoth, who now has some of the support he needs to continue his learning journey. Please please help, so that others can have that same chance.