Tuesday, May 7, 2013

#ReadItMD13 Theme Week - "Early Chapter Books - Bridging the gap between Pictures and Words"

A firm favourite - "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White
Picture books are brilliant. Picture books are our everyday staple fodder but we also like to pepper our reading with early reader chapter books and so that's the thinking behind our #ReadItMD13 Theme Week this week.

It's very difficult to wean children off the reasoning that a book without pictures is "Boring". As soon as they begin to realise that the nitty gritty of a good story can actually help them to create pictures in their own mind, they'll appreciate what you're trying to do, and they'll also begin to appreciate a book that can be gently 'chipped away at' over the course of a few nights.

Coming up on the blog very shortly is a guest piece fro Paula Harrison, author of the "Rescue Princess" series for Nosy Crow. Her books have been enjoyed by us and they are the perfect example of the sort of books we have in mind for this theme week. We've also dipped into classics, sometimes with great success (reading Roald Dahl never gets old and we've enjoyed most of his - aside from "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator" which for some reason just didn't work for Charlotte). We've even attempted to read the full unexpurgated version of "The Wind in the Willows" but I think that's a book better appreciated when you can read it yourself at leisure.

So if your children are just at the age when they're starting to switch from picture books to early readers / early chapter books, let's hear your recommendations below!


Charlotte Guillain said...

My daughter has really enjoyed the 'Sophie and the Shadow Woods' books (by Linda Chapman and Lee Weatherly) recently - she couldn't put them down. Also we all love Anna Hibiscus (by Atinuke) in this house - perfect, funny, touching stories - and Iggy and Me. For my son, Astrosaurs launched him from picture books to longer narratives. Would love to see more recommendations as daughter is devouring books and want to keep the momentum up!

Damyanti said...

Wind in the Willows took a few attempts but become a fave with our boy. He also enjoys the Claude books, Dirty Bertie, Daisy books, Prof Branestrawm, The UNCLE stories, My Naughty Little Sister, the Gaskitts and a recent hit was Operation Bunny which still features in his play a few weeks on.

Polly said...

'The Little Wooden Horse' (of course) and 'Gobbolino the Witch's cat' by Ursula Moray Williams both great chapter books to read aloud. Also recommend 'The King of the Copper Mountains' (can't remember author Paul something beginning with B!).These books all benefit from having chapters that are satisfying and episodic in themselves (but NOT for early reading by yourself- far too complicated!- There is obviously a big difference between those that are good for YOU to start to read to them and those they might want to tackle themselves)

Library Mice said...

The Daisy books are great with bold text and short chapters, both mine loved them.
I have written a few posts about this, giving some titles that worked for us.

However I do have a 10 year-old with a reading age of 16 who would still rather be read picture books at bedtime, so there really is no rush when it comes to swapping one for the other!