Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dwaine Pipe - "Would you eat that?" by Simon Tuck and Alan Brown (Northumbrian Water)

To anyone south of the Watford Gap, Dwaine Pipe is something of an unknown quantity but the further north you travel, the more of a legend Dwaine becomes.

Our good friend and all round top Twitter chap Simon Tuck, in conjunction with ace artist Alan Brown has put together a neat little pair of story booklets for Dwaine in conjunction with Northumbrian Water called "Would you eat that?"

Simon was kind enough to send us a pair to take a look at and I think it's fair to warn you that you should probably put down that sandwich and stop drinking that coffee before you continue reading our review.

Drains, well let's face it, we take them for granted until that moment when they stop doing their job. Poor Dwaine puts out a heartfelt plea (with one booklet in rhyme and one in a more story-like format) to warn us of the dangers of neglecting our U-bends, cramming all sorts of unsavoury things down the loo or washed down the sink.

Dwaine likes nothing better than a meal of poo, wee or toilet paper (see, told you you're going to find that sarnie and coffee difficult to finish). What Dwaine doesn't like, and what gives him a real tummy ache is when he has to try and digest full-to-the-brim nappies, or unflushable wet wipes - or worst of all, those nasty earbuds covered in your earwax. Ew, would you eat any of that?

Though the delivery method is comical and amusing, the message these booklets convey is serious. Don't neglect poor Dwaine and don't treat him badly and he'll reward you by doing his job and keeping the ebb and flow family's sanitary needs well and truly under control.

Time for a song methinks...

Charlotte's best bit: Poor Dwaine's big fat tummy after a nasty spate of nappy sized indigestion. Owch

Daddy's favourite bit: Never realised Dwaine was such a megastar, he even has his own Facebook page!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Simon Tuck)