Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Big Truck Book by Author Unknown (TickTock Books)

We've been quite impressed by the range of TickTock non-fiction books, branching out into subjects as diverse as fast cars, fleet of foot animals and here with huge whopping great big diesel-chugging roaring trucks.

Chock full of facts and figures about everything from furiously fast firetrucks, to destruction-dealing diggers, this is a nicely presented book for boys and girls who like their vehicles on the large side.

The great photospreads are peppered with facts about each vehicle class. For instance, you'll get to know the inner workings of a cement mixer. For instance, did you know they sometimes use dynamite to free up all the dried-on concrete inside the mixing bay? I think I should use that technique next time I bake a lasagne and can't clean the dish!

Did you also know that monster trucks can get through 4 or more engine changes a year? A little less economical than your family hatchback then!

Check out the TickTock Books range on their website, they're worth investigating if your children are more into factual stuff than stories. It's also a great range to introduce more reluctant readers to subjects that might be more of interest to them than fairytales.

Charlotte's best bit: The Monster Trucks crushing cars under their huge wheels

Daddy's favourite bit: Diggers doing ballet? Who'd have thunk it!

(Kindly sent to us for review by TickTock Books)