Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My Dad by Steve Smallman and Sean Julian (Little Tiger Press)

We're coming at you thick and fast today with more #readitmd13 'Dad book' reviews. You may be forgiven for thinking that Little Tiger Press have cornered the market in books that you can slide into your dad's present pile on Fathers Day (Sunday June 16th!) There are some truly brilliant books in their range and we're a sucker for Steve Smallman's work, so let's take a look at "My Dad".

In a similar vein to "To Dad - You're a Star" once again the book celebrates all the brilliant things that dads do.

This time, with Sean Julian's fuzzy cuddly animal drawings we get some great double spreads of animals and their dads - everything from the cuddliest bear cubs to the roaringest lions.

It's lots of fun and nicely written in rhyme so if you're looking for a book that has great bedtime reading appeal long beyond Father's Day this one would definitely fit the bill.

Charlotte's best bit: Dad helping out while learning to ride a bike

Daddy's favourite bit: Awww, very cute illustration for dad's healing abilities.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)