Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tom and Millie's Great Big Treasure Hunt by Guy Parker-Rees (Orchard Books)

The super-talented awesome Guy Parker-Rees (the genius illustrator of "Giraffes Can't Dance", by Giles Andreae) got in touch with us to ask us if we'd like to take a look at his new Tom and Millie books.

For the uninitiated, Tom and Millie are a playful pair of perfect pussycats who live in a vibrantly coloured animal world, and along with their many friends embark on all sorts of adventures.

This time, Tom and Millie embark on a great big treasure hunt! Each page is preceded by a clue, and it's up to your busy little bees to find the clues on each beautifully detailed page spread, along with Tom and Millie and their friends.

We liked the fact that the inside covers of the book show all the different characters you can meet along the way - and children will always want to pick their favourites. Charlotte loved Sophie the Raccoon (because she has a friend at school called Sophie) and loved trying to find her in each part of the story if she cropped up.

The book's cover proudly claims that there are "100s of things to hunt for" and there most certainly are. Each wonderfully illustrated page is crammed with busy little things going on, brilliant for children who love observation games or just love to hunt for the funny little incidents Guy has illustrated so perfectly here (a huge guffaw from me when I spotted a pig with "that suncream expression" on his face, as mum dutifully applies the Factor 50 - All parents will know that face so well!)

Tom and Millie were an instant hit with Charlotte, and we'll be taking a look at "Tom and Millie's Whizzy Busy People" very soon too.

Charlotte's best bit: Finding Sophie throughout the book and talking about all the crazy antics the animals get up to

Daddy's favourite bit: That suncream piggy. So funny!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Guy Parker-Rees / Orchard Books)