Friday, 19 July 2013

Come and meet Heloise on "Stories for my Little Sister" with an all new story just in time for the school holidays!

Meet Heloise, a little Rhino with a big heart!
Way back in February we introduced you to "Stories for my Little Sister", a website full of wonderful stories, great activities and lots of pictures to keep your little ones entertained.

Samantha (who loves to write) and Diana (who loves to draw) have teamed up to produce a brilliant collection of free stories for everyone to enjoy - including an all new story introducing us to Heloise.

Heloise is a Rhino with a real sense of fun (and one of the most beautiful necklaces you'll probably ever see).

Find out more about Heloise's story on the Stories for my Little Sister Website, handily available as a PDF ready for you to read on your computer, or on your tablet or E-reader.

With colouring sheets, activities and makes, there's a lot of busy fun to enjoy with your little ones so if you're retreating from the heat, or are wondering what to do when your children shout "I'M BORED!" at the top of their voices, go and visit Stories for my Little Sister and find lots to see and do.