Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to get a Job, by me, the Boss by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap (Walker Books)

Don't worry Walker Books, we still love you even though you never call, you never write, never reply to our emails! Here's an absolute doozy too but first a question for parents, particularly parents of girls.

Is your child, well - how can I put this...a little bit bossy?

Charlotte is. In fact at times I feel like I'm being henpecked from both sides. "That shirt looks rubbish Daddy!" or "Did you know you've got a huge spot on your chin?"

Lovely, but the good thing about having two 'bosses' at home is that they're excellent at giving you advice on how to be one yourself. Like the little girl in "How to get a Job, by Me, the Boss!"

If you're thinking of what you'd like to be when you grow up (yes, I still am, even at 45) then this hilarious tome will undoubtedly provide you with some brilliant advice on the dos and don'ts for everything from interviews, putting together a brilliant CV (clue: don't drip marmalade on it while eating breakfast), and what to do once you do actually get your dream job.

Aided by her minion (who seems to be having all the fun in the book), the boss is brilliant!

A thoroughly original idea, nicely told in chaotic style and funny for adults and children alike. In fact not just funny but eerily accurate in depicting the hurly burly of trying to get a job!

Charlotte's best bit: Great advice on how to become a Pirate Princess Ballerina. Which is something we all need advice on, methinks.

Daddy's favourite bit: Biscuits!!! Everyone should mention biscuit-eating prowess on their CV.

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Catherine said...

I think my husband could relate to this - living with two women isn't always easy!

This sounds like a great book :o)