Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meet Angela Nicely! A new book series by Alan Macdonald and David Roberts (Stripes Publishing). Move over Bertie!

Oh she may look sweet to you but is she "nicely" by nature as well as name?
You may have already 'met' Angela Nicely. She's Bertie's would-be paramour in the Dirty Bertie "Kiss" book (and it's rather nice to see the nose-picking little man cropping up in this book in cameo form).

Angela Nicely looks pretty in pink, and very sweet but don't be fooled. Is she as nice as she seems or does she have a naughty streak a mile long?

In this first book from a new series by Alan Macdonald and David Roberts, set in the book universe as Dirty Bertie we find out that not all little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice, as we enjoy Angela's antics at school, at home and on (shudder) a spa weekend! EEEK!

Early chapter readers are something we're beginning to look at more, as Charlotte gets older she starts to like 'meatier' books with more words than pictures. Though it's great to see that Angela Nicely is nicely (!) illustrated by David Roberts throughout (we believe in early chapter readers with fab illustrations, so huge thumbs up here!)

Though you'd imagine the book would be an instant win for girls, it's actually a good read for both girls and boys as Angela firmly establishes herself in the same mould as many, many legendary 'bad girl' characters before her - like Marmalade Atkins, Minnie the Minx and Beryl the Peril.

We haven't quite polished this one off yet but watch out for Angela Nicely, she's destined to nudge Dirty Bertie aside in her bid for top billing, mark our words!

"Angela Nicely" from Alan Macdonald and David Roberts, published by Stripes Publishing (Little Tiger Press) is available from 5th August from all good booksellers.

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Mike Grant said...

Thanks for the review. I try to encourage my boys to read as much as they can, as I think that it is crucial in helping with the development of their imagination. This sounds like a good read and I will add it to our list.