Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Once-Upon-A-Slime: Spindler the Spider by Fiona Woodhead and Howard Bouch (Fiona Woodhead Publishing)

What's got eight legs and can turn my lovely other half into a gibbering screaming wreck in two microseconds flat? A spider! So I'd hoped that the second book in the fabulous "Once-Upon-A-Slime" range might help her address her fears.

Sorry Spindler, but it was not to be. Never mind though, Charlotte and I loved reading all about Spindler the Spider - and you will too!

We reviewed "Slitter the Slug" from the once-upon-a-slime range a little while ago and we also interviewed Slitter and Spindler's fab co-creator, Fiona Woodhead who, along with her dad Howard Bouch, have created a superb range of minibeast books for you and your children to enjoy.

Max is exploring the shed today, and inside the dusty garden store lives Spindler the Spider. He might have a slightly wonky leg (soon fixed with a bit of silk jetted gracefully from Spindler's bum!) but he's always ready for adventures!

Did you know spiders can fly through the air on a length of silk, using it like a kite? There are many interesting spider-facts in the book (and a rather handy magnifying glass so that you can join in the minibeast hunt, and take a closer look at the insect world). As Charlotte spends a lot of time at school on nature rambles and observing minibeasts in their own habitats, this book was an absolute win!

Spindler's adventures soon lead him into Max's house - but is a house the safest place for a spider to be? (Certainly ours isn't, though we do try to make sure any spidery guests are gently sent on their merry way back outside rather than squishing them!)

We won't spoil Spindler's adventures too much for you, suffice to say that Max is always on hand to help his insect chums out (good job too!)

Join the minibeast hunt with Max and Spindler, and check out all the fabulous insect-based activities on Fiona's fantastic website.

Once Upon A Slime Website

Charlotte's best bit: Spindler's groovy way of 'bandaging' his wonky leg

Daddy's favourite bit: A wholly engaging and fun book for children with some great learning activities and facts to perhaps change the way you look at your insectoid neighbours.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Fiona Woodhead)

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