Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Big Hearted Book by Nicholas Allan (Hachette Children's Books)

Written in conjunction with The International Children's Heart Foundation, here's a book with a huge thumping heart full of loveliness. Nicholas Allan (who we normally associate with slightly cheekier book fare like the superb "The Queen's Knickers" and "Cinderella's Bum") has woven a gorgeous tale around Babette and Bill, two inseparable friends. Nicholas, having grown up with a heart condition, is backing a campaign to raise awareness of congenital heart conditions, and offer the same standards of care to children in other countries. A fantastic and noble cause indeed!

Babette and Bill do everything together. Babette loves to run in the park (and drags a sometimes-reluctant Bill along for the journey). They're always ready to enjoy a game, a gastronomic feast or perhaps just some quiet book-time (Hooray!)

But when Babette falls ill one day, and ends up in hospital, poor Bill is at a complete loss.

None of their usual games are as much fun when you're on your own, nor is cooking up a feast for one.

Fortunately Bill and Babette share a bond, a string of hearts - and the strength of love that links them together. So Bill is at Babette's side as she recovers in hospital, and gets stronger and stronger every day until one day they can enjoy their fun and laughter together once again.

Gentle, touching, beautifully told and wonderfully drawn in Nicholas' trademark style, it's a book treasure this - and with a fantastic cause being supported, there's a huge amount to love about "The Big Hearted Book". The book will be released on 1st August 2013.

Find out more about the International Children's Heart Foundation here.

Also, if you fancy something rather special linked with the book, join in with The Big Hearted charity auction with some of the biggest names in children's books contributing to special heart-themed works of art (the list of names reads like a "who's who" of our favourite people!)

Charlotte's best bit: Bill being grumpy about getting up in the morning (we know the feeling!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Beautifully told, beautifully drawn and with no pun intended, a subject that's obviously very dear to Nicholas Allan's heart. A classic and for a wonderful cause. Go buy it!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Hachette Children's Books)