Monday, 1 July 2013

The Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss (HarperCollins Children's Books)

Last time we looked at Dr Seuss

We tried to rhyme all fast and loose

but now, along with Mr Knox

We're busy reading "The Fox in Socks"

Now as you know, it's a 'different' book

So we'll try to rhyme, come take a look

This time though our tongues are twisting

Poor little Charlotte is resisting!

"I can't say the lines in here!"

"You read it Daddy, I can't I fear!"

But oh and ah, these lines are cool

They twist and turn you into a fool

As your lips wrap around your tongue

Which feels all wrapped in chewing gum

Can you do quick brick tricks with chicks, ma'am?

Or battle beetles in a puddle battle, man?

We can, and we'll show you just how

So on with the review, let's start this now.

When booky nooky book nooks looked into a book

We weedled wordy worldy words with every breath we took

Wrangled wangly wrongly-worded wriggly words on wings

Thinking thin things, thoughts of string things, thinly fimbly things

"STOP!" Said Charlotte, all a fluster, as my words began to bluster!

"My poor little mind can't take this kind of rhyming rind!"

"But ah my darling daughter, we have quite a way to go!"

"We need to speak of poodles noodling noodles, don't you know!"

So on we rambled, rambling through the rumbling tumbling word-world

Hurling word-hurls, whirled and twirled, unfurled as words we squirreled

Rhyme time, fine time shiny shine time rhymes that shone and lines that twizzled

Frizzled frazzled words bedazzled, words that popped and sizzled!

"Please stop!" said Charlotte once again, "This book makes me so tired!"

"I know it's great, you love it so, Seuss leaves you all inspired"

"But for young lasses like me, it's like a marathon for the mind"

"So let's finish off, relax, take a breath, let our frazzled brains unwind!"

Of course she's right but hear our plea, if you have yet to read

"The Fox in Socks" we think that it's high time you did indeed!

Charlotte's best bit: When Tweetle Beetles battle in a beetle puddle battle

Daddy's favourite bit: Seeing how fast we can read through this book without our brains expoding!