Thursday, August 8, 2013

Angry Birds Playground - Ca-Cool Masks (Top That Publishing)

The Angry Birds phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down, does it? Everywhere you look this summer you'll see kids enjoying the sunshine usually clad in a T Shirt or baseball cap emblazoned with their favourite Angry Bird character (though, kids, come on, there aren't nearly enough of you Bad Piggies out there!)

So if wearing Angry Birds on your clothes is an awesome idea, how about making your own Angry Birds character masks with this brilliant Angry Birds Playground book from Top That and Rovio.

8 masks are included, with absolutely everything you'll need to make these included in the book (yep, even the elastic and some handy sticky tabs for keeping everything in place).

Charlotte and I enjoyed making the masks, it's very easy to detach the masks from their backing cardboard - though you may need to help younger children with some of the slightly more complex mask outlines.

The only real grumble we had was that it's not always easy to judge how much elastic you need (it's provided as one long strand y'see), and the holes for the elastic to go through are a little on the large side, so if you're relying on the sticky tabs to keep the elastic in place, you might also need to knot the elastic a good few times to make sure the masks don't ping off.

So who did we choose? You're dying to know, right? Charlotte chose to wear Little Blue most of the time - and I had to be King Piggy of course!

Charlotte's best bit: Frightening the heck out of mummy by appearing behind her and shouting BOO!

Daddy's favourite bit: Trying to walk around the house in my King Pig mask without falling over furniture and things.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Top That!)

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