Thursday, August 15, 2013

How To Get Married, by me, the Bride by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap (Walker Books)

We previously loved "How to get a job, by me, the Boss" by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap so when we spotted this utterly essential guide to wedded bliss, from a child's perspective, we just couldn't resist it.

If you're planning on popping the question and have your dream wedding planned out, stop for a moment, pick up this book and do what we did - snigger like drains at the sage advice imparted by the 'bride' here, a slightly bossy and almost too well informed little girl.

Important facts on how to pick the ideal suitor (you can marry a man, or a lady, or sometimes even your plant or your cat! HOORAY!), and of course lots of brilliant advice on how to make the big day itself very special.

Sally and Sue have a whole series of these books and we can't wait to read the rest ("How to be a baby by me, the big sister" sounds brilliant too!)

We loved this - the perfect book for subtly making adults snort with laughter far louder than the children they're reading it to!

Charlotte's best bit: Never EVER propose to someone in a dark wardrobe!

Daddy's favourite bit: Can't wait to see the media hoo-hah when people find out you can marry your cats or your plants!

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