Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Imagine by Ruth Brown (Andersen Children's Books)

There's something dark, satisfying and deeply enjoyable about Ruth Brown's books. Rather like tucking into a delicious slice of Genoa Cake with a really good strong cup of tea like your grandmother used to make.

In "Imagine" Ruth's beautiful painted panels invite us on a trip beyond the world we know, where unicorns freely dance in the moonlight and the most innocent tabby cat is a stalking tiger.

Told in rhyming verse, it's poetic and dreamy stuff as a child's imagination is unleashed on a fidgety night as darkness envelops the house. No ghouls and ghosts lurk in this book, just warm and inviting imagery that children will love and adults will savour.

Probably the only minus point is that Charlotte thinks it's "Too short for bedtime!" and usually uses it as an excuse to demand another book (and another, and so on - you know how it goes when you're a parent who tries to stick to a one-book rule but would probably happily sit there all evening reading to your child!)

Charlotte's best bit: Imagining a balletic giraffe!

Daddy's favourite bit: Ruth Brown's beautiful artwork and gentle verse are better for a good night's sleep than a cup of warm milk with a dash of nutmeg. Ahhh!