Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Momo and Snap are NOT Friends by Airlie Anderson (Child's Play)

Meet Momo - a cheeky but extremely cute little monkey - and Snap, a slightly grumpy but fun-loving crocodile. What happens when these two characters meet?

Well at first, as the title of this great little book suggests, they are NOT friends - in fact Momo and Snap get on each other's nerves, get in each other's way a lot and seem to be destined never to get on at all.

Airlie Anderson's pared down text in this book gave us a new way to read through. Charlotte took on the role of Momo - and as she's learning to read with more and more confidence she found Momo and Snap's largely phonetic text mimicking animal noises to be a real breeze to read through.

I, of course, had to be Snap (remember, slightly grumpy but fun loving? Me to a tee!)

So we took it in turns to read through the book and giggle at each picture as slowly, Momo and Snap realise that they have far more in common than they first thought.

It takes a touch of mild peril (still in love with that phrase) to bring the two together - after all, when you're about to end up as a snack for a pack of hungry lions, it's definitely worth having a friend around - even an unlikely friend - to team up with.

A lovely, colourful and cute book that's great for a range of ages - whether your child is just learning to read and loves sounding out easy words or sounds, or whether they're a tiddler bouncing on your knee, there's lots to enjoy here.

Charlotte's best bit: The 'scary' bit when the Lions chase Momo and Snap

Daddy's favourite bit: Treating the book like a simple play, with each of us taking on one of the roles. Great fun read this way!

(Kindly sent to us for review by the super-awesome folk at Child's Play)

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