Monday, August 12, 2013

Morris the Mankiest Monster by Giles Andreae and Sarah McIntyre (Picture Corgi)

All set for lunch? Tasty sandwich sitting dutifully next to your keyboard (un-nibbled of course!)

Then you might want to look away because the book we're about to review might just put you off your anchovy and marmite sarnie.

We love monster books. Monsters of all shapes and sizes. Fuzzy ones, fat ones, thin ones, monsters that are fierce, monsters that are friendly. But how about monsters that are, well, manky?

Morris is the mankiest monster we've ever met on the blog. He's a one-monster whirlwind of whiffyness. Dribbling, drooling, pus-encrusted and picking. Morris does his utmost to be the top of the toe-jam crop.

Putting together the fabulous talents of rhyming royalty Giles Andreae with our super-secret crush Sarah McIntyre is a stroke of genius. No one twizzles together brilliant (and stomach-churning) monstery rhymes like Giles, and no one draws pus-popping pimples like Sarah.

We take a trip through a day in the life of Morris as we see where he sleeps (ugh!), we see what he eats (glurk!) and we see what he does when he needs to restore his natural whiffy allure.

We have had this book on our wishlist for ages, and finally spotted it lurking in the library (it's very hard to miss that cover, let's face it!)

Charlotte was instantly drawn to finding out more about Morris, perhaps because her least favourite time of the day is bath time and secretly if we let her get away with it, she'd out-mank Morris in a matter of moments.

If you have a cast-iron constitution, and perhaps a fragrant bouquet to sniff in between pages, then Morris the Mankiest Monster will charm the very (smelly) socks off you. Just be sure not to strain any rotting strawberries through them first. Bleee!

Charlotte's best bit: Morris's bath, which coincidentally is exactly the same colour as Charlotte's once we've chiselled the dirt off her (how DOES a 5 year old girl turn bath water green? HOW?)

Daddy's favourite bit: It's gross, it's grimace-inducing but it's groovy, baby!


Anne-Marie said...

This is a great book, but I do feel quite nauseous every time I read it! ;-)

ReadItDaddy said...

Me too! Charlotte seems to have a slightly stronger constitution but as I said on Twitter, I secretly wish Sarah McIntyre wasn't QUITE so good at drawing pimples and ooze :)