Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Triassic Terrors by Nick Crumpton and Isaac Lenkiewicz (Flying Eye Books)

Oooh now this is a treat of a book, so juicily jam-packed with dino goodness that it's impossible to resist. Stepping back in time to the Triassic era, when Dinosaurs first began to evolve as the dominant species on the planet, we learn about Pangea and learn how various species roaming land, sea and taking to the skies for the first time fought for survival.

Nick Crumpton, eminent Cambridge dinosaur expert and Isaac Lenkiewicz, awesome illustrator and comic book genius, have teamed up with Flying Eye Books to produce a series of works that break the morass of dinosaur 'eras' down into their constituent categories.

The Triassic era concentrates on the birth of the dinosaur as we know (and love) it, and tells us more about the Pseudosuchians, crocodile-like species that bore the first traits that we've come to identify with all our favourite dinos.

As I said in the first line of this review, this book is utterly CRAMMED to the gills with things to read and learn about, activities to complete (though we always feel terrible about drawing in such lovely books - as there are activities like dot to dot puzzles and 'complete the drawing' bits for your busy little bees to exercise their pencils and crayons on).

Perfect also as a classroom book, "Triassic Terrors" may have a slightly sensationalist title but it really does dish up the goods, utterly perfect for your own little terror-saurs.

Charlotte's best bit: Learning all about how Pseudosuchians evolved into various species we can still trace today.

Daddy's favourite bit: Brilliant illustrations, a ton of activities and even a fantastic Dinosaur game to pull out and play in the middle.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Flying Eye Books)

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ReadItDaddy said...

Should have also added an additional fave bit for Charlotte for this. "Pangaea is REAL?" (Er, blame Neill Cameron's 'Pirates of Pangaea' in The Phoenix Comic for getting Charlotte overly excited about the ancient land mass!)