Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The "One, Two Three" series (Climb, Crawl, Jump, Run) by Carol Thompson (Child's Play International PLC)

The energy crisis can be solved overnight if someone ever finds an ingenious way of tapping toddler energy! In Carol Thompson's new range of fantastic board books for Child's Play (THE go-to for toddler books, in our opinion), there's a celebration of all the mischievous antics that toddlers are born to become experts in.

As you can tell from the titles...

  • One Two Three...Crawl!
  • One Two Three...Climb!
  • One Two Three...Run!
  • One Two Three...Jump!
...the books encourage those busy little nappy-covered bums to busy themselves in lots of different ways. 

Though Charlotte's now more into the running and jumping phases she loved the babies in the books. Carol Thompson's observant and expert eye for capturing those fidgety whizzy little toddler moments fills each book with energetic fun and bouncy rhymes. 

I must admit, I miss Charlotte being a tiny toddler at times (particularly when I go to pick her up and realise that she may look svelte and petite but she is surprisingly heavy! Eek!) so it was great to read through these books and enjoy remembering times when she was a little tiddler (though not those moments when she'd jump on me unexpectedly while I was...er...resting my eyelids snoozily on a sunday afternoon). 

Charlotte's best bit: One of the cheekiest little babies in "Crawl" ('He's the naughty one', said Charlotte). 

Daddy's favourite bit: Bursting with whizzing fizzing energy, these books are bound to be a huge hit with toddlers. We think Carol missed a trick though, there should definitely be one called "One Two Three....CHEW!" because that seems to be the first thing tiddlers do to these books when they see them :)

(Kindly sent to us for review by Child's Play International PLC)

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