Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Toucan Can! By Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis (Gecko Press)

Toucan Can!

Written by Juliette MacIver

Illustrated by Sarah Davis

Published by Gecko Press

Ah the joy of movement, of song and dance, of colourful and happy little animals and birds in this brilliant and vibrant book that meshes together Dr Seuss-like rhyme with perfect visuals. Just like his colourful beak would suggest, Toucan is fun to be around and soon as he dances through the jungle, all his friends can't help but join in.

Children of all ages will find something to love about Toucan Can. We fell in love with Sarah Davis' fab animal characters (the bushbabies are just SO CUTE as are the little finches that flap around the entire time in the story).

But this was the best panel for us...JOLLY PANDA!

Toucan Can leads everyone on a merry dance!
It's the perfect story for little fingers to trace as the winding paths through the book as the characters dance away help with the flow of the rhymes.

Like all the colours of the animal kingdom contained within, there's so much energy and beauty to this book! Can YOU do what Toucan can?

Charlotte's best bit: The cutest little bushbaby character

Daddy's Favourite bit: That jolly and funky panda absolutely caught up in the dance! Love it!

(Kindly supplied to us for review by Bounce Marketing / Gecko Press)