Thursday, September 12, 2013

Barbapapa's Voyage by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor (Orchard Press)

Barbapapa's Voyage

Written by Annette Tison

Illustrated by Talus Taylor

Published by Orchard Books

So we've already established that the surreal 70s charm of Barbapapa was a HUGE hit with Charlotte when she received the first of the newly reprinted Orchard Press versions of these timeless classic stories.

If anything, the second book to be reprinted is even more popular with her. Read on and you'll find out why.

Barbapapa is looking a little under the weather, and Francoise is worried about his shape-shifting chum. An animal doctor takes a look at Barbapapa and finds him in perfect health. The problem isn't physical, it's emotional. Barbapapa is lonely and needs a Barbamama!

Francoise and his best friend decide to embark on a journey to find a Barbamama. With Barbapapa accompanying them, they soon jet off around the globe to find Barbapapa a soul mate. They search in London, they search in India, they scour the US but sometimes the very thing you're looking hardest for can be right under your nose!

Charlotte's excitement at finding out that there was a female counterpart to Barbapapa was amusing - more so when she realised that Barbapapa has an entire family too (this isn't really much of a spoiler since technically you'll meet them all in the end-papers of both books which is, in itself, a bit spoilery). Charlotte loved Barbamama (who always reminded me of a hippy and groovy chick) but loved the Barbababies too (particularly the very lucky little long haired fellow!)

Now we know that more reprints are scheduled for early next year we can't wait to read more of Barbapapa's adventures. This is a really sweet little tale so prepare to meet the Barba-family!

Charlotte's best bit: Barbapapa and Barbamama's amazing children who pop up from seeds in the ground. Pop!

Daddy's Favourite bit: An awesome road trip with a shape-changing hero, we truly can't wait for more Barbapapa from Orchard next year!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Orchard Press)

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ZenBen said...

It is so exciting that these books are being reprinted in English! I remember a visual from one of the books we had when I was a child... the whole barbapapa family walking in a line over some hills, holding food or something on their heads. For some reason it stuck with me. I am going to purchase all the reprints and I really hope to see that image again. All the Barbapapa books I have read are great. I am glad you and Charlotte are enjoying them together!