Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gobble You Up by Gita Wolf and Sunita (Tara Books)

Gobble You Up

Written by Gita Wolf

Illustrated by Sunita

Published by Tara Books

Tara Books are renowned for bringing together the most talented authors and illustrators to collaborate on books that introduce us to fabulous folk tales and stories from around the world.

As it's #ReaditMD13 "Awesome Animals" week on ReadItDaddy, we were overjoyed to receive a copy of "Gobble You Up!" by Gita Wolf and Sunita. You'll see a lot of animals in this book but by far the real star is a wily and extremely hungry Jackal. He's pompous, he's proud and he's more than a little bit full of himself. So one day when his best friend Crane tells Jackal off for stealing all the fishes Crane has just caught to share, Jackal responds by - yes you've guessed it - gobbling Crane up!

He doesn't stop there. When Tortoise points out that it's really not the done thing to eat your best friends, can you guess what Jackal does? Oh yes, he gobbles him up!

A cat, a peacock and an elephant all follow suit. Jackal truly believes that his big round tum can fit many more animals in. But is Jackal in for a surprise? You bet he is!

Mr Tortoise. Snack sized!

Sunita's beautiful artwork truly is a wonderful fit for a story that's got just the right amount of repetition, awesome excitement and a good few belly laughs along the way too. We absolutely loved it, and the book is so wonderfully produced with a hand-made 'feel' to it, you really cannot resist diving in for a second reading as soon as you've finished the first. Young children will love shouting "Gobble you up!" at the tops of their voices, and older children will love this as a nice easy and very funny read.

Charlotte's best bit: Uh oh, Jackal's fate! Not pretty but very amusing!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Such a beautifully presented and really funny book, we can't get enough of it! 

(Kindly sent to us for review by Tara Books / Bounce Marketing)

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