Thursday, 26 September 2013

Can You Dance to the Boogaloo? By Alice V Lickens (Pavilion Children's Books)

Can You Dance to the Boogaloo?

Written and Illustrated by
Alice V. Lickens

Published by Pavilion Children's Books

Hooray hooray, it's out today! Funky frenzied animal dancing in the brightest colours of the rainbow. Alice V. Licken's energetic bum-bouncing book "Can You Dance to the Boogaloo" is an instant read-out-loud sing-a-long classic.

Animals have the greatest sense of rhythm and if you go down to the jungle today you'll spot them all strutting their funky stuff, dancing the boogaloo.

As Charlotte gets older, she loves reading out sections of the books we read together, and she loved this because she found lots of new words to exercise her reading skills with - and lots of fun and nonsense sound effects to truly test her skills on too (children's authors - don't shy away from made up words or crazy combinations in your children's books, when children are first learning to read, those words really help to break the repetitive 'phonics' cycle wonderfully!)

With music and dance, fabulous colourful animal artwork and brilliant expressive words to read aloud, everyone's going to want to dance the boogaloo!

Charlotte's best bit: Making all the brilliant animal instrument noises (Sousaphone is our favourite!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Fizzing with energy for youngsters, brilliant to read for older children like Charlotte. An attractive and fun book that's guaranteed to make you want to dance around your living room (like you need any excuse!)

(Kindly sent to us for review by Pavilion Children's Books)