Friday, 6 September 2013

Earn your spots with the Lucy Ladybird Interactive App from Sharon King-Chai and Iain Clark on iOS

Lucy Ladybird Interactive Book (iOS) by Sharon King-Chai and Iain Clark
Back in May we fell completely in love with Sharon King-Chai's wonderful book "Lucy Ladybird". Now the colourful and beautiful book has been turned into an interactive book app, with plenty of fun for tinies to explore.

As well as the story (with the choice of a narrated story or a 'self read' option) there are lots of neat little things on each page to press, poke, drag and play with as we read the story of a ladybird with no spots, who takes herself off on her travels to see if she can fit in somewhere else.

Beautiful colour spreads and fun interaction in "Lucy Ladybird" for iPhone / iPad
Children love e-books that offer enhancement and fun and "Lucy Ladybird" does not disappoint. With nicely chosen musical accompaniment and some great voiceovers, it's a really neat treatment of a book that's already become a favourite for us. Charlotte loved exploring all the interactive elements (such as the way you could drag the spots from Frog or Bird onto Lucy's back, just like in the story!)

There's also a sing-a-long Karaoke section, and an addictive colouring section too. Actually, the colouring works brilliantly (so much so that when I was sneakily playing with the app ahead of showing it to Charlotte I found myself wishing that proper iPad paint apps worked as smoothly as the colouring bits on this app do!)

Lucy Ladybird Colouring Activities. Art app developers take note! THIS is how you make your paint tools work!
"Lucy Ladybird" by Sharon King-Chai and Iain Clark is available from the iTunes store, priced £3.99