Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Katie and the British Artists by James Mayhew (Orchard Books)

Katie and the British Artists

Written and Illustrated by
James Mayhew

Published by Orchard Books

We truly do love James Mayhew's sublime "Katie" books, particularly when Katie and her Grandma visit galleries, and dive into the world of famous paintings and the artists who painted them.

Here, Katie and her sleepy Grandma are at the National Gallery in London, home to some of the finest and most famous British paintings ever created.

The fact that the book cover features "The Fighting Temerare" was a huge draw for me, and soon we were wrapped up in the story as Katie wriggled her way into famous works by Turner, Constable and Stubbs.

Mayhew's illustrative prowess means that he can fit a wonderful story around each famous painting and adapt the artist's styles, producing stunning illustrations that make us want to dive in and join Katie on her adventures.

Sublime and inspirational in so many ways, a celebratory homage to some of my favourite artists and a book that inspires us to try and visit the National one day soon to view these fabulous works 'in the flesh' for ourselves.

Charlotte's best bit: Noticing the sheep escaping from John Constable's beautiful painting "The Cornfield"

Daddy's Favourite bit: The wondrous fabulous "Fighting Temerare" by Turner

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